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Supporting Workplace Reintegration Strategies

As we’re moving through the COVID-19 Pandemic and into the post quarantine phase organizations are building and tweaking re-opening strategies to their facilities with policies and procedures designed to keep their employees safe and healthy. Sustainability = Health & Wellness rings true now more than ever.

Supporting environmental and occupant health are key components to not only short- term success, but also the long- term commitment of building a healthier and sustainable future. This is no longer a binary decision and is now a way of life around the globe. Clients are looking for knowledgeable partners to work with to provide proactive education and support, providing solutions and products that meet these new standards.

Credits, certifications, and metrics are being put in place to measure progress and targets to meet new safety and health standard.

An article in “usgbc.org” stated that the USGBC recently released four new Safety- First Pilot Credits as part of the economic recovery strategy focused on Cleaning and Disinfecting Work Spaces, Safely Re-entering Work Spaces, Building Water System Recommissioning & Managing Indoor Air Quality During COVID-19. The GBCI will be providing third-party certification support for the “WELL Health- Safety Rating.” Certification such as this and others that are being created will be the new standard of health and wellness. 

Also, the CDC & FDA published recommended guidelines on healthy materials and items being used and consumed in the workplace. These guidelines hone in on purchasing products/packaging that are compostable and/or bio-based, or bio-based. No more plastic! Another guideline is waste diversion, recycling, and composting where feasible.

At Emerald Brand, during this pandemic, we’ve spent the majority of our time partnering with our clients to assist in their office re-integrations, recommending programs incorporating our Tree-Free™ and plastic-free products, cleaning solutions to help them meet and exceed standards in these categories. As long as we all do our part as business partners during this crisis, we can come out of it with a future that is more sustainable, resilient with healthier places and people.

Michael Cinquemani is the Vice President for National Account at Emerald Brand. Working closely with Managing Director, RJ Bianculli, he is an educator for brands all over the country in the sustainability space. Michael works daily to help organizations, brands, and facilities achieve their sustainability goals.