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Health and Wellness: Taking on a New Meaning in 2020

It’s late December 2019, you’ve just got done with Thanksgiving. All the trimmings and leftovers for 2-3 days. Now we come upon Christmas Eve, and if you’re Italian, like me, you can’t wait to sample all the fish platters, bread, and wine set on a 12’ long table. We make it through Christmas Day, and at this point, you swear off food. You think about your New Year’s resolution. For 2020 I am going to lose 10 lbs. This is what health and wellness meant to us in 2019.

As Bob Dylan said, “the times they are a-changing". Health and wellness have not only taken on a whole new meaning but has taken on a life of its own. Look around you, with more and more people working from home you see more families out and about than ever before. People are striving to have more balance in their life, you see parents out bike riding with their kids. You can’t even buy a bike now if you wanted to. You see people out walking every morning, especially middle-age individuals like me. Your local nursery sold out of all vegetables and plants this year. You see more and more people with vegetable gardens. People are starting to take a bigger interest in what they are eating, all-natural, and no pesticides. They are cooking more, having more family dinners.

With this greater awareness that people are having towards health & wellness, people are not only looking at the ingredients on a nutrition label but are also looking at the things we come in contact with every day. This includes napkins, disposable cutlery, facial tissue, toilet tissue, and other daily use items. How are they made? Why are they always white? For products made from recycled materials, what is the process involved? This is why a greater emphasis has been put on things that are all NATURAL?

From a mental aspect, we need to strive to have more balance in our lives. We are all working harder than ever before but when the workday is over you need to have something else that can bring a calming effect to you.

 We need to have balance in our life. We need to pay more attention to what we are putting into our bodies daily. And we also need to take a hard look at things that we are coming in contact with every day.