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Do You Know What Consumers Really Want?

With people becoming more aware of the global warming epidemic comes consumers leaning towards sustainable products. Clients are looking for more than just cheaper packaging, they're looking for solutions. People don't want just a product; they want a lifestyle. In fact, consumers are willing the spend more on products that are good for the environment. We are seeing a company’s environmental impact being taken into consideration when purchasing. There are many environmental issues that come with paper and plastic packaging. Deforestation and pollution are on the rise and we must work towards protecting the world in which we live in. Due to these concerns, consumers around the world are making adjustments in their shopping habits.

Sustainability is affecting consumers all around the world. In the article written by Business News Daily called Most Consumers Want Sustainable Products and Packaging, researchers surveyed 6,000 consumers in North America, Europe, and Asia about their purchasing and consumption habits of products packaged in different kinds of materials. 77% of respondents said that plastic was the least environmentally responsible type of packaging. Paper was believed to be the most environmentally safe material.

More consumers are showing concerns about the environmental impact of chemicals and plastics. Researchers found that 72% of respondents reported that they were actively buying more environmentally friendly products than they did five years ago. 81% said they expected to buy even more over the next five years.

Consumers tend to choose paper packaged items over plastic packaged items. With Emerald’s Tree-Free™, compostable retail packaging technology, your consumers will be more likely to choose your product. What if consumers knew that Emerald Brand has the solution to both paper packaging AND plastic packaging? Emerald Brand packaging is American made, compostable, biodegradable, and chlorine/dye-free. Our Tree-Free™ and plastic-free packaging are made from rapidly renewable agricultural fibers. The virgin material out-performs recycled products without harming the planet. Consumers are looking for packaging that is better for the environment and Emerald™ has the solution.

Ralph Bianculli, Sr. is the CEO & founder of Emerald Brand. He has been innovating and marketing consumable products for more than 30 years. His passion for the environment has always been the foundation for developing sustainable every-day products. The constant evolution of Emerald Brand has enabled him to achieve his ultimate goal of Walter R. Stahel’s “Cradle to Cradle” concept; the ability to aggregate (on a regional level) the raw materials from local farmers, manufacturing finished goods, and finally the re-purposing back to compost.