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July 14, 2023 at 4:11:57 PM PDT July 14, 2023 at 4:11:57 PM PDTth, July 14, 2023 at 4:11:57 PM PDT

The first half of 2023 is in the books!

As we move into the second half, I want to highlight some of the observations we have


Most noteworthy was how companies are forced to recalibrate their business models due to the unique changes within their landscape. Supply chains have tightened up, but there continues to be a glut in some categories and a continued shortage in others. Consumption shifts have reaped havoc on what was once called consistency. Inflation, which continues to stay high on many fronts, is expected to stay with us throughout 2023 and into mid-2024.

The only constant in the market is the rapid drive for sustainability. The momentum continues to surge and many companies are looking at ways to increase their participation in this movement.

As the trends continue, many options in sustainability are being contemplated.

The sorted options range from instituting sustainable energy programs, waste management, air quality, and the use of alternative disposable materials.

These challenges have not changed, they continue to be the cost of capital and time, in order to achieve measurable goals.

There are very few instant gratifications when it comes to measurable changes. Today, companies need to look at how they can deliver short-term and long-term change that will advance their sustainability goals. Many challenges give pause to change, however, to embrace change one must understand why and how to execute so they can achieve their goals.

What we have found as the common denominator in all companies large and small, is the apparent lack of education in each of these areas. Yes, there are experts in these areas and they are certainly making a difference. However, we need more experts and professionals. We need clarity on certifications. We need the education to come from responsible platforms that are not blemished with inaccurate information.

We want industries and clients alike to be proud to exalt their “green participation” within the sustainability movement. Unfortunately, some industries lack the true knowledge of full facts, figures, and guidelines. I have seen and heard comments and responses in our respective industry such as, “We are already buying green products” and to them, this is satisfactory. When asked if they can provide the complete makeup and facts of the materials being used, the impact they are making, as well as the support behind it, the responses are often inconsistent and fall dramatically short of viability.

We encourage all clients to ask those challenging questions to both their internal teams and their vendors. In order to move the needle in sustainable practices to make a difference, we need more education.

How do we deliver solutions that make sense and how do we show measurable facts that demonstrate the achievements that can be reached? This should be at the core of all companies looking to deliver sustainable solutions. Unfortunately, much of what we see and read is cumbersome and disorienting to the average consumer, who is easily swayed to accept what they are told at face value without question. The so-called experts aren’t always transparent and lack the real knowledge one would expect.

The short-term solution should start with bringing every industry to the forefront of education. No matter what industry you are in, this is achievable if there is an appetite to do so!

To the companies that truly want to educate all stakeholders, operators, and the entire supply chain with facts so they can make responsible decisions, I say BRAVO! There is not one company that we have spoken to across the continental USA that does not want to achieve results in their sustainability objectives, they just need an easier game plan.

It makes no difference if you are a climate champion or someone who questions the validity of climate change. The facts are still being sorted in ways that make the general public wary of climate change, and understandably so. We need to bring more facts to the table and real disruptive change that they can measurably see and understand.

I am confident, that at some point every company big or small, will see the benefits of working with vendors who can assist them in educating their respective employees, of all generations. This should be the norm for all businesses, so each can make responsible decisions for our future.

I am extremely proud of my entire team at Emerald Brand and the achievements they have made with our educational programs. Through the proprietary tools we have developed, we can measure the positive impact that renewable materials have on our environment. With our expert team, we strive to service and educate our clients on renewable disposables made from "Tree Free™" and "Plant to Plastic™” materials.

We will continue to fight and assist wherever possible for real change!

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Founder of Emerald Brand,

Ralph Bianculli