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Greenhome Profiles: Emerald Brand

Sometimes it takes a personal event to create change and that is just what planted the seed for Emerald Brand. Founder Ralph Bianculli experienced his young son’s serious health challenge after an adverse reaction to a vaccination. Seeing how something that was meant to help actually did harm began Bianculli thinking about natural substances and how they might be used sustainably rather than be replaced with toxicity. It turned out that for him, making a difference meant bringing affordable, green disposable and cleaning products to homes and businesses. Overall, Bianculli refused to continue to be a part of the desecration of our natural landscape. Thanks to companies like Emerald Brand, recycling numbers are at about a 67% recovery rate and on the rise.

Still a Leader

Emerald Brand began in the year 2000 with just four recycled product options. The green movement finally took hold (Bianculli was ahead of his time), and over the last fifteen years Emerald Brand has impressively expanded to 200 Stock Keeping Units of sustainable disposables. This includes their ‘tree-free’ line of products such as those made from bagasse (sugar cane remains) as well as recycled, compostable, and biodegradable choices that range from bath tissue and paper towels to EPA compliant trash bags and earth friendly cleaning detergents.

Behind the Emerald Curtain

The definition of a truly green loyal company shows in how it runs its operation. Emerald Brand lives the definition of green both through their products and behind-the-scenes involvement. Some ways Emerald Brand contributes beyond their planet friendly merchandise  includes:

  • Stocking and using their own merchandise in-house, such as Tree-Free bath tissue, Recycled kitchen roll towels, and Pearl hand soap which significantly reduces fossil fuel delivery use.
  • Using paperless communication and invoicing
  • Switching to natural gas delivery trucks
  • Creating lifestyle awareness campaigns such as “What’s Your Why”

Touching the Masses

The “What’s Your Why” campaign simply asks why you choose to support nature and sustainability. The Emerald Brand family, however, does not stop there as they know that sometimes answers to such questions can be rote. They want to know how deep such support goes asking, “What are your unique reasons and personal experiences that have shaped the way you think and feel about the world around you.” Many have answered with thought provoking reasons that makes one proud of being part of such a heightened thinking group. Look for “What’s Your Why” on the Emerald siteFacebook and Twitter.

On the Road

Emerald Brand is also going on the road like a lean green rock band machine with the Sustainability Tour. Okay, not a real rock band but a deep impact when it comes to bio-based alternative awareness. Plus, this September they will join their tree hugging brethren to collaborate with the Columbia University Earth Institute celebrating planetary sustainability. This year includes Climate Week NYC 2015. Emerald Brand is a company that deems each of their eclectic mix of talented employees a Sustainable Ambassador. Everyone lives their lives as their work, making a difference. Sure, the bottom line is important but Emerald Brand looks as though they go above and beyond that.