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I Care Because i'm a Mom

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Lisa Desvarieux, Office Manager at Emerald Brand

I am a Mom. I am responsible for the well being of two smart and amazing daughters. I am the person they look up to and their first example of what they could be. My choices will influence their choices in life and my failures can have lasting effects. So … no pressure!

When you become a mom, your outlook changes. You read all the parenting books; you eliminate bad foods, toxic products, and negative habits. You read labels on pretty much anything you touch, use, eat, and bring into your home. If you weren't before, you become an advocate for the world, the earth, society, education and the future of it all. When I became a Mom, I ate organic foods and replaced fatty foods with vegetables and fruit. I worked out more often and focused on making my home a safe and happy environment. I baby proofed before my baby was even born. #NewMom

In learning about all the products that I was using around my home, I realized that I had to make a change and let go of the habits of the past to create a more sustainable future, a future my children would benefit from. As a Mom, after a long day of playing outside, I want my daughters to have clean air to fill their lungs, drinkable water to quench their thirst and clear skies to admire on a sunny or even a rainy day. I replaced cleaning products with known carcinogens with products made from environmentally responsible ingredients. I replaced paper products that were made by cutting down forests with products that were created through sustainable efforts from other industries. I recycle, reuse and replenish as I go, and I show my daughters the benefits of these actions.

I am a Mom and I want to give my children the world, but not a world in peril. The earth we live on, this planet, this organism, is not ours to damage and abuse. We are temporary visitors. This planet feeds us, provides us shelter, and allows us to prosper. We drink its water, eat from its lands, and survive because of everything it provides for us. We owe it to this planet to help it survive in return. I am hopeful that the choices I make will trickle down to my daughters and that they, too, will respect the earth and live sustainable lives.

I am a Mom, and by making the right choices, I am giving my daughters a better world.


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