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I Care Because I am a Human Being

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Jaclyn McDuffey, Director of Brand Development at Emerald Brand

I am a human being.

In the grand scheme of things, I am meaningless. I am a blip on the radar of time spent on this planet. I am one, measly person. But what if there were 1,000 of me? 1,000,000? What if there were 7.125 billion of me? Not such a blip anymore.

The 7.125 billion people on this planet matter. Their choices matter. Not because one person can change the world, but because collectively, we all can. Without each and every individual making the right choices, we may not be able to make an impactful difference. Together, we can.

Did you know that if every person on this planet chose to walk to work instead of driving, for every 3 miles walked we would save 660 lbs per person, per year of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere? Or that if every American used tree-free napkins instead of hardwood fiber we would save 42,200 trees per day from being cut down? That is the power of our everyday choices.

I choose to care about this planet because I know that without me and my good choices, there is no solution. The sustainable options are there for us. There is no reason that we shouldn’t be choosing to live a more sustainable life. There is no reason we shouldn’t be using more sustainable materials.

I am a human being, and my choices matter. Your choices matter. Collectively, our choices matter. You have the ability to be part of the solution, but you must make the right choices each and every day. I choose to be part of the solution, and I am hopeful that one day, all 7.125 billion of us will choose to do the same.

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