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Easter Goes Green: 4 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Embrace This Easter


Easter is just around the corner and there are plenty of ways to spin the traditional elements of the holiday to make it an eco-friendly celebration. From celebrating in the garden as a family to replacing typical Easter basket elements with options that are more useful and environmentally friendly, here are some ways to make your family's Easter greener:

Embrace Your Green Thumb and Grow an Easter Arrangement

Grow your own Easter centerpiece from flower bulbs for a more natural and longer-lasting alternative to more traditional floral arrangements. Whether shopping with an eco-friendly floral delivery retailer or at your local nursery, make sure to get spring flowers like hyacinths, lilies and tulips in the bulb form and you and your family can enjoy watching the bulbs grow and mature over a few weeks time until they blossom into beautiful blooms.

Take the floral tradition of Easter a step further and help your entire family nurture their green thumbs by spending this spring holiday planting a garden. Whether you plant flowers, vegetables or even just a simple herb garden to keep on the kitchen window sill, this is a great activity to teach little ones the responsibility of caring for something other than themselves. And what kid doesn't love an excuse to play with dirt?

Skip the Traditional Basket

After growing up with the annual tradition of searching all over the house for an Easter basket stuffed with treats, forgoing the traditional colorful woven Easter basket can be a tough convention to forgo. However, the typical Easter baskets lining the shelves at the big-box stores are often made using materials that are not so environmentally friendly. Traditional Easter baskets are also cumbersome to store due to their shape, so save yourself some storage space and skip the basic plastic woven basket in favor of something more versatile that can be used all year long.

There's no limit to a child's organizational needs, with the plethora of toys that always litter the floor of your little one's room. Use a canvas storage bin as a vessel for all of the Easter goodies which can then be used to house wood blocks or that Lego collection for the rest of the year. Or prepare for beach season by stashing Easter goodies in a new sand bucket. For purists who prefer the traditional look of a basket, opt for a responsibly produced wicker version which may be a more expensive, but is money well spent, especially if you use it for numerous years.

Get Creative With Easter Grass

Colorful, plastic "grass" is Easter's version of tinsel and though it may be as memorable of a symbol of the holiday as Peeps for you, it's a waste of resources and can be toxic if ingested by little ones or pets. Instead, embrace a more natural alternative by using the real deal: actual grass. Whether you opt for a user-friendly Easter grass-growing kit or a more versatile option like a small flat of wheatgrass that you can repurpose as juice, this is a fun DIY project that the entire family can participate in as you anticipate the Easter Bunny's arrival.

If real grass isn’t an option for you, instead shred some colorful paper and use it as filler for the Easter baskets. Shred scraps of construction paper or leftovers from your latest scrapbooking project to make your own "grass" if you don't want to waste unused colored paper.

Avoid Novelty Treats in Favor of Useful Ones

While all of those fluffy stuffed bunnies and sweet little chick toys sure are adorable, do your kids really need holiday-themed toys? Instead fill their Easter baskets with useful items that they actually have a need for. Toiletry items like bubble bath, a new toothbrush and toothpaste are fun and functional fillers. With summer just around the corner, you could also fill the basket with warm-weather essentials like a new swimsuit, sun hat, sunglasses and block, sand toys, bubbles and sidewalk chalk. By filling Easter baskets with items you'd end up purchasing at one point or another anyway, you can save money and minimize waste.

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